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Hell's Road Book


Some roads are meant to stay abandoned.

After the sudden death of their mother, teenage siblings, Robin and Luke, are forced to move cross-country to live with their father, whom they barely know. While in their new town of Pinesville, Illinois they learn of an old urban legend about a mysterious road once occupied by a satanic cult. After meeting new teens at their high school they decide to visit the road known as Hell’s Road. What they discover on this night will force each of them to fight for their lives or die by a decades old vengeance.

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Ice Demon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

A great book that was hard to put down. The author developed the characters thoroughly and I could feel a connection to this book.

Amazon Reviewer Michael Hawks


Classic scary story! Loved it and even made me sit up towards the end from how intense it was. Great read.

Amazon Reviewer Melissa Gillis

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